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15 High Carbohydrate for Indians

Carbohydrate is the most important source of energy for our body. If not for carbohydrate, no food can be efficient enough to substitute it. In a right amount, carbohydrate can be taken and treated as a weight loss diet.

Carbohydrate is a chemical structure where one or two sugar molecules are linked together. That is why they are generally referred to as sugars. The carbohydrate is broken down into glucose which is then converted into energy.

Our body, brain and muscles need to function and provide efficient results. Carbohydrates can provide instant need for energy. It is important to know that even if you are on a strict diet, you need at least 50-60% of your daily calories to come from a carbohydrate. If you don’t receive enough carbohydrate, your body might feel constantly weak and can get deprived of the macro nutrients and the calories to do daily function.

There are two types of carbohydrates, simple carbohydrate and complex carbohydrate. Simple carbohydrates are refined and have a simple chain of sugar. It can be broken down easily and faster. Carbohydrates can give immediate effect to your blood sugar levels.

Another type of carbohydrate is complex carbohydrate. It is complex in structure and requires more time and effort to break down. Energy remains steady and blood sugar level is also maintained.

More about Complex Carbohydrate Food

High carbohydrate food is beneficial for our body for digestion, blood sugar level, and energy level and weight loss purposes. There are two types of complex carbohydrates which can be found in high carbohydrate foods.


Fiber is a natural derivative found naturally in plants. Vegetables such as carrots, corns contain a high amount of fiber. It is helpful for our body to digest properly and slowly.

It is interesting to observe that there is non-digestible fiber as well which slows down the procedure of digestion. This slow procedure of digestion slows the absorption of sugar in our blood stream.

It can be very useful if you want to lose weight. It keeps you full for a longer time and prevents you from unnecessary intake of snacks.


Starch can be found in beans, lentils, corn, and oats. Starch is also added in certain dishes to thicken and stabilize them. Starch is also broken down into glucose. It even has vitamin B, folate and calcium to provide a little amount of nutrients.

15 Indian Foods with high carbohydrate

India has such a vast variety of high carbohydrate foods that it was a tedious task to choose 15. The health benefits of high carbohydrate foods are still unknown. Some of the food which are rich in carbohydrates are:

1.     Oats

Oats contain 27 grams of carbohydrate. Such a high amount of high carbohydrate might not fit in the keto diet but actually helps in minimal levels.

The carbohydrate in oats also contains soluble fiber called beta-glucan. Beta glucan is related to insulin levels and improves the insulin. Insulin content is helpful in reducing the blood sugar levels. Patients suffering from type 2 diabetes are advised to eat foods with beta-glucan.

The beta glucan is a gel like substance which mixes with water and forms a solution. This solution coats the stomach and our digestive tract. This coating helps in providing the food for good gut bacteria. This increases the growth rate and contributes to a healthy gut.

As discussed above, the soluble fiber present in oats helps in reducing the weight. It keeps you feeling full and reduces the portion size. It also decreases the desire to eat for a few hours.

2.     Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are also rich in carbohydrates, it also contains 27 grams of carbohydrate. Sweet potatoes gradually release the sugar in the bloodstream which helps in maintaining the blood sugar levels of the patients with diabetes. It is high fiber food which has been noticed to lower the blood sugar levels of people suffering from type 1 diabetes. Insoluble fibers present in potatoes are also proven to reduce the level of sugar in blood.

The high level of fiber also improves the health of gut and digestion. It helps in the prevention of constipation in all the age groups. If you want to reduce weight, sweet potatoes can be a high carbohydrate food which increases the satiety. It provides a natural weight regulation system. The satiety level can be increased due to the pectin level present in the potato.

3.     Quinoa

Quinoa is a seed like edible food which has 21 grams of carbohydrate. It has high fiber content as compared to other grains. It equates the daily requirement of a person. It helps in various health conditions.

It can help in prevention and cure of constipation. It helps in reduction of cholesterol level and high blood pressure.

It does promote an increase of weight but it is healthy weight. The high carbohydrate level in quinoa helps the people to feel fuller for a longer time and reduces the intake of snacks in between the meals.

4.     Prunes

There is approximately 30 grams of carbohydrate in five prunes. Prunes contain high levels of sorbitol which is a laxative. It helps in mobilizing the digestive system. It also helps in the reduction of time between bowel movements. People who are suffering from constipation can be relieved by drinking prune juice or including it in diet.

It also consists of soluble fiber which is also an all time remedy for the treatment of constipation. It has various digestive benefits. Prunes can prolong the satiety level and slow digestion. It also has a low glycemic index due to which there is gradual increase of blood sugar. Low GI also helps people to feel full for a longer time.

5.     Pulses

One cup of boiled lentils can provide you with 39 gram of carbohydrate. Pulses have a higher content of fiber which improves the health of the heart. It also lowers the cholesterol levels. This fiber content also improves the satiety level of a person and helps in weight loss diet.

Like prunes, pulses also have a low glycemic index. It only causes a small rise of blood sugar whereas high GI can cause a sudden spike in blood sugar level. It helps the people who do not have diabetes. It manages the blood sugar level in an easier way.

6.     Pumpkin

A freshly cooked pumpkin contains 12 grams of carbohydrate. Pumpkin helps in the weight loss management. It contains carbohydrates as well as a higher level of fiber. It is helpful in maintaining the digestion procedure and weight loss procedure.

This is successful only because it has carbohydrate and fiber. Many of the diet plans have included pumpkin in the diet because of the increased satiety level.

7.     Beets

1 cup of beet contains 16 gram of carbohydrates. Dietary fiber is important to improve digestion; it is a good fiber source. The physiology of fiber works this way. Fiber does not digest and goes down to the colon where it acts as a food source for good gut bacteria or adds bulk to the stool. Fiber is also helpful in reducing the risk of chronic disease such as colon cancer, heart disease and type 2diabetes.

It helps in improving the cognitive functions of the brain. This benefit is useful for the patients suffering from dementia. It has been researched that the people who regularly intake beetroot juice increases the cognitive function test to 4%.

Beets have low calories but high amounts of water. It contains both protein and fiber in moderate amounts. It is important to achieve healthy weight. It reduces appetite and promotes weight loss.

8.     Yogurt

6 ounce serving of yogurt contains high amounts of carbohydrates. Greek yogurt has 7 grams of carbohydrate, whole milk yogurt has 8 grams of carbohydrate, and low fat yogurt has 12 grams of carbohydrate.

It contains lactobacillus which is helpful to improve the digestion procedure and acidity problem. Yogurt makes you feel full in a lesser time and keeps you away from acidity. Yogurt has natural sugars which can increase the blood sugar level in a healthier manner. It is also a perfect snack for in between meals.

9.     Carrots

61 grams of carrot contain 4 gram of carrot. It is interesting to notice that the carbohydrate present in it is digestible. They are composed of both water and carbohydrates. Because of carbohydrates it has sugar compounds as well. It also has a good amount of fiber. The glycemic index of carrot is so low that it has proven to be helpful in the treatment of diabetes.

The soluble fiber present in the carrot is pectin which slows down the digestion of sugar and starch. These fibers also feed the good gut bacteria which can lead to the improved digestion and prevention from diseases. It is helpful in good bowel movements.

10.      Chestnuts

100 gram of chestnuts has 23.9 gram of carbohydrates. Chestnuts help in improving the digestive health. It reduces the cholesterol levels and maintains the blood sugar in diabetic patients. All the intestinal and constipation complications can also be prevented.

Because of the higher amount of carbohydrate, there is an increased level of energy production. Increased levels of energy are beneficial for the functioning of the nervous system. It provides both long and short term energy.

11.    Kidney beans

Red kidney beans are highly rich in carbohydrates. 100 gram of kidney beans contain 60 gram of carbohydrates. Beans contain high proportions of starches. Starch is a gradual releasing carbohydrate. Digestion procedure takes longer time and also slowly increases the blood sugar.

Kidney beans are also rich in fibers and play a major role in weight management. The pre biotics present in beans move down to the colon where it is fermented for the production of good bacteria.This fermentation reduces the risk of colon cancer.

12.     Chickpeas

100 gram of chickpeas contains 61 grams of carbohydrates.The fiber content in them reduces the appetite and slows the digestion. It also helps to give the feeling of fullness. The hunger reducing hormones are induced from chickpeas. This increased satiety level lowers the calorie intake.

Chickpeas help to reduce the weight. There can be many reasons supporting it.First, it has very low calorie content in comparison with the nutrients it carries. Low calorie food can automatically help in reducing the weight rather than eating high calorie food.Second, it has both protein and fiber which increases the satiety level of an individual.

It has also been proven beneficial in management of blood sugar levels. It has a low glycemic index which increases the blood sugar levels gradually. The fiber content in chickpeas slows the absorption of carbohydrates which steadily raises the blood sugar.Fibers are also important for improvement of digestive health and prevention from chronic disease.

13.    Brown rice

100 grams of brown rice contain 23 grams of carbohydrates. Fiber content present in the brown rice keeps you fuller on a longer basis. It helps you consume fewer calories. White rice weighs higher than the brown rice. It also keeps your heart healthy and away from disease.

The brown rice is rich in lignin which can help in reducing cholesterol and blood pressure level. It is also helpful in decreasing any kind of stiffness in arteries. It prevents heart diseases.

14.      Corn

The carbohydrate content in 100 gram of corn is 91.27 gram. Such a high amount of carbohydrate helps in enhancing the energy level. Corn also contains complex carbohydrates which break down at a slower pace. It lets you provide the energy for a longer duration. It also ensures that there is proper functioning of our brain and nervous system. The cholesterol level reduces in the body because of the corn. Corn can be taken in the form of a food or as oil.

15.      Tart cherry

Tart cherries might be hard to find but is a high fiber food. It contains 12 gram of carbohydrate per 100 gram of measure. The carbohydrates present in the tart cherries can have a positive effect on the strength of the muscles. It can be taken as a juice or food. It provides numerous amounts of energy.Athletes are generally advised to have this inculcated in their meal.

These are certain high carbohydrate foods which are eaten by Indians. We might sometimes think that carbohydrates are harmful for us and we shouldn’t eat them. But anything in an appropriate amount can be helpful. It is important to notice that carbohydrates can be helpful too.

Happy eating!

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