Keto Diet and Mood

4 ways to uplift your mood with the Keto Diet! Leave a comment

4 ways to uplift your mood with the Keto Diet!

1. Stabilizes Energy Highs & Lows

Ketones provide your brain with an immediate energy source, as they are metabolized more quickly than glucose. Ketones offer a longer-lasting, more stable source of energy, and since your body knows that it can also reach your fat stores for fuel and your brain doesn’t panic.

2. Brings Down Inflammation

The Keto Diet gets you to eat real food so you turn your back on inflammatory and processed foods. Eating anti-inflammatory food is going to have a direct effect on your mood. When you fill your plate with clean sources of protein, nourishing fats, and fresh vegetables, it brings down the inflammation. The Ketogenic Diet triggers a complex biochemical process that directly fights inflammation, reducing and calming the chronic inflammation related to anxiety, depression, fatigue, etc.

3. Increases Neurogenesis

Diet is a key player in determining your rate of neurogenesis. A low rate of neurogenesis is linked to mood problems, including depression. A higher rate, on the other hand, boosts your emotional resilience. The Keto Diet increases your rate of neurogenesis whereas a high –sugar diet slows your rate of neurogenesis by spiking the insulin levels in your blood.

4. Feeds Your Brain

Healthy fat that you eat on Keto feeds your brain and keep your mood stable. Since your brain is made up of 60 % fat therefore, it needs plenty of good fats to keep it running.

The Bottom Lines

The ketogenic diet seemingly has an effect on depression and mood swings apart from alleviating chronic weight-related conditions like PCOS, Diabetes Type 2, and more.

The ketogenic diet, through the timescale, has been discovered to benefit people for various health aspects. Apart from epilepsy, for which the diet actually evolved, the ketogenic diet has a number of health benefits. Weight loss has been the most aimed for the benefit of a ketogenic diet. It can also help with hair and skin care, managing blood sugar, enhanced energy levels, and more.

The ketogenic diet is said to have a good impact on depression and mood swings, though a concrete relationship between keto diet and mood hasn’t been established. You should always consult your doctor before going for a ketogenic diet.

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