About us

World’s Healthiest Pantry Of Low Carb, Low Glycemic & Sugarless Foods

Ketofy is enabling millions of people to execute Keto and Low Carb Diets in a healthy way. We craft the highest quality Keto products that allow health seekers to execute a healthy Keto Diet without extensive planning or effort. 

Being ultra low in carbohydrates and glycemic index, Ketofy products help to fix the root causes of the modern lifestyle health conditions like weight issues, obesity, sugar regulation, pre-diabetes & diabetes, insulin resistance, thyroid and metabolic syndrome. 

The Ketofy Approach does not require people to change their existing dietary patterns and desires in order to conform to the low carb regime. The complete product offering allows people to keep eating what they enjoy the most and still reap numerous health benefits of a natural low carb paradigm. Ketofy Products are re-created in the desired form from natural superfood ingredients like nuts and seeds. 

Why Its Works?

Ketofy products work by fundamentally fixing the insulin response in the human body. Modern day products – with high carbs and sugar – cause the insulin level in the blood to be constantly elevated. This results in rapid fat gain even if one is eating very less quantity of food and subsequently feeling very low in energy (because Insulin is and indicator to remove all blood sugar and convert it into storage). Low Carb products provide you with a consistent source of clean and natural energy. Whatever you eat is used to fuel the body due. People on Ketofy Regime have reported to feel energetic and shed unhealthy pounds.

Most people who wish to reap the benefits of Keto Diet but do it all wrong. They make mistakes like (a) Following unstructured guidance  (b) Falling for gimmickry products (c) Expecting overnight weight loss (d) Thinking that keto is a free pass to eat fats etc. 

We are here to change that. We are demystifying the myths and confusions related to the Ketogenic diet and enable people to execute a clean healthy Keto. Our Ketogenic products are manufactured through proprietary manufacturing techniques that ensure low carbs while keeping all the other nutrients intact.

Science & Innovation

Our cross disciplinary team of Doctors, Clinical Nutritionist, Biotechnologists and Food Scientists collaborate to craft the finest low carb products that are manufactured in a fully GMP compliant manufacturing unit. Co-founders of brand Ketofy include alumni of Stanford Biodesign.

Ketofy™ is a brand innovation of Wellversed Health – a tech-enabled health food manufacturing company that facilitates production of customised clinical food products specific to health requirements of a demography or an individual. The unique manufacturing framework developed by Wellversed Health allows personalisation of food in accordance with clinical, dietary and physiological demands of a particular health condition. This enables creation of precision food with the desired nutrition composition and ingredients to be created in a quality controlled environment.

Co-founders of Wellversed Health include alumni of Stanford Biodesign – a multidisciplinary programme for Healthcare Innovation run as a collaboration between Stanford University, AIIMS and IIT Delhi.

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