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Building Muscles with Squats and Keto Diet for Indians

Building muscles with squats

A squat is a physical exercise which is generally done to build muscles and strength. In squats, a person is supposed to stand straight and lower the hip and then stand back up. Those who have been adapted with this form of exercise tend to add weights. Weights are often in the form of dumbbells.

As the body goes down, the knees and the hips flexes whereas the ankle extends. The muscles which are around these joints contract and reach to the maximum contraction. As the contraction has reached to the maximum, the bottom of the movement slowly reverses the action.

There can be many variations of the squats. The advanced level of squats are back squats, front squats, hack squats, overhead squats, and loaded squat jumps. These squats are the variants of normal squats. It is necessary to build muscles when you are on a keto diet. These exercises are known as keto exercises.

The squat exercise can help you strengthen the muscles. You must take extensive care about the exercise performance.

The muscles involved in Squats

·        Quadriceps femoris – These are a type of agonist muscle which is a group of muscles present in the anterior compartment of the thigh. It basically covers the anterior, medial and lateral sides of the whole femur region.

·        Gluteus maximus – Amongst all the gluteal muscles, gluteus maximus is the largest and the heaviest muscle of the body. It is present in the posterior part of the hip joint. It is among the most superficial muscles.

·        Adductor magnus – The shape of this kind of muscle is triangular in shape and is located in the lower limb. These muscles provide the movements like flexion.

·        Soleus muscle – These muscles are present in the back of the leg muscles. They are present in the calf muscles and run from below the knee to the heel. It helps in the movement of walking and standing.

·        Erector spinae – These muscles are large and located on the either side of the spine. They are the group of muscles which stabilizes the whole vertebral column, that is why they are also known as stabilizing muscles.

·        Rectus abdominis – They have a long muscle in the anterior of the abdominal wall. They are also commonly known as abs.

·        Hamstring – They are a group of three muscles present in between the hip and knee called as thigh muscles. They are located in the posterior region.

Squats have been proven to be the most useful exercise if you want to reduce your belly fat and build muscle. As discussed above, there are many muscles which go through the working state because of squats.

In starting, it is always advised to start with the basic squats and then move to the variations. Just the basic squats help in building the muscles.

How to do Basic Squat?

In the starting of your exercise days, you must start with the basic squats. There is a proper procedure to perform each step.

1.      Stand straight with feet slightly apart. Toes should be turned a little outward.

2.      Keep your upper body steady and stabilize yourself. Keep your chest as well as jaw line upwards and start transferring your weight to your heels.

3.      Start moving your hip line downwards gradually.

4.      Keep lowering yourself until you notice that your thighs are parallel to the floor.

5.    Keep your feet flat and put your pressure on them . Your knees must be adjacent to your toe.

6.      Start pushing yourself to upward direction and keep exhaling and stand straight.

7.      You must complete this set at least 10 times to build the muscles when you are on keto.


·        Jump squats

As the name suggests, jump sets require you to bounce a little. Start with the lower jumps in the beginnings to avoid tiring and injuring yourself.

1.     Even the jump squats require the initial movements of normal squats.

2.      When your thighs are approximately parallel to the floor, keep your chest upright and jump up.

3.    After your jump is successful, lower your back and let the trunk aligned forward.

4.      You can repeat the complete cycle at least 10 times.

·        Sumo squats

In sumo squat, your palms must be joined and the calf muscles should be wider than the basic squats. This can also be called wide squats.

1.     Initially, stand with your feet aparts. Your toes should also point outwards.

2.      Put the pressure on the back of your heals so that your weight is on them. Start lowering your hips and go down until your thighs are parallel to the floor just like a basic squat.

3.      Gradually start relaxing your muscles and stand back straight.

4.      Complete the cycle with 10-15 repititions. 

·        Prisoner Squats

In prisoner squats, your arms must be positioned behind your head. It helps in stabilizing the chest, back and shoulder muscles.

This is the only difference, otherwise prisoner squats are similar to the basic squats.

Other than the leg and lower body muscles, it is helpful in maintaining the upper body muscles.

It is a strengthening exercise for your glutes and hamstring muscles. It looks forward to the building of muscles of the shoulder, chest as well as back.

·        Goblet squats

Goblet squats require a dumbbell or kettlebell. There should be proper hip to shoulder distance. It also requires enough Hyzaar products from windhampharmacy.com space so that you don’t injure yourself.

You must start with the lighter weights.

1.     To begin with this type of squat, you must keep your feet and toes apart.

2.      You are supposed to use the dumbbells. For that you can clutch them in both hands. Bend your elbows a little so that the dumbbells must be positioned at the center of the chest.

3.      It is beneficial to keep your chest upright and jawline disciplined.

4.     With the gradual movement, start moving your knees and pelvis downwards.

5.      Keep focusing on keeping your chest upright and continue pressing your hips back.

6.      Keep observing that your hips and knees should make a parallel angle for best results.

7.      At the downward position, your elbows should be between your knees.

8.      Transfer your weight to the heels and gradually return to the starting position.

9.   It is advised not to drop the weights with a sudden movement because it might hurt your muscles.  

10.  Repeat the cycle for 5-10 times.

Any kind of exercise is useless, if you do not take care about your eating habits. Keto diet has been proven to improve health and build an idol body.

For Indians, it has always been a question, if they could follow the diet without any hustle. 

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Keto Diet for Indians

Keto diet has been proven to be the most trending and most successful diet plan for weight loss as well as maintaining your body. Here, people are restricted to eat any kind of unhealthy food with high carbohydrates which would harm the body.

In keto diet, the recipes of dishes are provided which are low in carbohydrate and high in protein levels. The basic goal is to restrict the intake of carbohydrate, and inorganic food.

It has brought fast results to the people. The calorie intake from protein should be 25-30%, from fats it should be 65-70% and from carbohydrates it should be 5% in number.

Working of Ketogenic Diet

If you are signing in to the keto diet, it is important for you to know how it works and what procedure it uses to maintain the body weight and health.

This diet is helpful in improving the metabolic rate and boosting your energy.

This is done by lowering the intake of carbohydrate so that the fat consumption is more than the carbohydrate. These fats are generally healthy fats which when entered in the liver for digestion, they produce ketones.

The production of ketones induces the body in the state of ketosis. This ketosis lets the body convert the fat into energy. This energy increases the metabolism and boosts the daily activities.

The body gets these energies after breaking down the carbohydrate sources which form glucose. But in keto diet, our body tends to burn the fat more rapidly as well as more efficiently.

Why is the Keto Diet necessary for Indians?

India has always been rich in food and culture. Every region has different types of food and their own cuisines. India ranks 120 in the world’s healthiest countries. This is only because of the high carbohydrate food we take.

The higher carbohydrate intake makes your body unhealthy and less active. To gain the muscles, it is highly important to focus on the keto exercise.

In India, there is a high amount of intake of carbohydrate and unhealthy fats. To avoid that it is necessary to follow a particular diet which would help you to maintain your body.

It has also been observed that people use lots of products which are unhealthy and are inorganic. Although a lot of options have come up in the super markets but are expensive and not widely used.

To take care of your health it is necessary to go on a Keto Diet with certain restrictions which are good for your body. Many of the recipes have been researched and proved to be healthier and follow the Keto.

India, being rich in cultivation and agriculture, it is not hard for anyone to get the desired vegetable or fruit. A little determination and consideration could make you reach the goal.

Now, for the next segment, it is necessary to know about the benefit of the Keto diet.

Benefits of Keto Diet

·        Helps in weight loss – If you follow the keto diet religiously, you may lose your weight without any exercise. It also improves your metabolic rate and reduces the appetite. The in between the meals snacking is also reduced.

Keto diet fills up a person with higher protein levels which reduces the production of ghrelin (hunger stimulating hormones).

The results of different people always vary because each one of us has a unique metabolic system. If you exercise with the Keto diet, you will notice sudden weight loss.

·        Improvement in acne production – It is a well known fact, that those who eat fried or oily food tend to have more acne. However, acne can also be linked with the blood sugar levels.

Keto Diet restricts you to eating oily food which will help you in the reduced production of acne.

Also, when you have a diet with the restricted amount of carbohydrate balances the gut bacteria and prevents from the sudden fall and rise of blood sugar levels.

·        Improves heart health – Indian cuisine includes many dishes which have uncontrollable amounts of cholesterol. The higher amount of cholesterol leads to bad heart health.

Foods such as avocados, pork, lean chicken meat, and almonds can help in improving the heart health by controlling cholesterol levels.

Instead, after a certain period of time of Keto diet, it was observed that people had reduced amounts of bad cholesterol rather than increased amounts of good cholesterol.

When the bad cholesterol that is LDL is reduced, it itself improves the health of the heart. It prevents the risk of any cardiovascular diseases.

Therefore, it is very important to control and have a maintained diet.

·        Decrease of seizures – The seizures have been observed in the people who have had epilepsy. In a keto diet, there is a certain formulated ratio of fat, carbohydrate and protein which balances the functioning of the body.

The ketosis in Keto diet can decrease seizures and even to those people who didn’t respond to any other treatment. Keto diet has been observed to support people with epilepsy.

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