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Guide on Low Carb Fruits

Here is a guide on low carb fruits you can have while following a Ketogenic diet that fit within your macro ranges.

FruitNet Carbs (per 100g)Serving equivalent
Avocado1.84½ a medium avocado
Black Olives3.1025 large black olives 
Star fruit3.93About one medium 
Blackberry4.90About 3/4 cup 
Raspberry5.44About 3/4 cup 
Strawberry5.68About 3/4 cup, whole 
Casaba Melon5.70Around ⅔ cup, cubed 
Watermelon7.15About 8 watermelon balls 
Cranberry7.60About 1 cup, whole 
Peach8.40About 3/4 small peach 
Apricot9.12About 3 apricots, pitted 
Plum10.02About 1 1/2 plums 
Kiwi11.66About 1 1/2 kiwis 
Blueberry12.09About 3/4 cup 
Granny Smith Apple11.20About 3/5 medium apple 
Honeydew Melon 8.30About 8 honeydew balls 

When you are following a Ketogenic diet and want to indulge in fruits , stick to the above chart and enjoy low carb fruits.

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