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Is Salt and Pepper Good for Weight Loss Diets Like Keto ?

A vital ingredient to nearly every savory and also in some sweet dishes, salt and pepper are like the standard pair found on every dining table. Salt and Black Pepper both are the powerhouses of health benefits and are quite effective for weight loss. They are  brilliant sources for extracting nutrients from the food. Especially black pepper which contains vitamins such as A, K, C and minerals like calcium, potassium and sodium. The quantity intake of both salt and pepper is the crucial thing to be taken care of in your diet because it can be both boon and bane.  

In the last 19th century, Keto Diet was just used for diabetes. Later on, it came into picture that it contains the essential nutrients which can also treat cancer, ovary syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease, etc.Keto diet is now also used as a weight loss strategy. Because of it’s low carbohydrate, high proteins and low fat properties, it works well for weight loss. 

Healthful benefits of Keto Diet:-

  1. Keto diet reduces the appetite of a person. It makes you feel less hungry due to low intake of carbohydrates. Eventually, the calorie intake also lowers down thus helping in weight loss.
  2.  Keto Diet helps in reducing the abdominal fat which is very harmful to health and leads to metabolism issues. 
  3. Keto diet helps in lowering the  blood triglycerides.Blood triglycerides are fat molecules which leads to heart diseases.
  4. Keto Diet helps in boosting the good cholesterol in the body thus increasing the flow of pure blood in the body, 
  5. Keto Diet lowers the blood sugar and insulin level and in fact cures Type 2 diabetes. 
  6. Keto Diet is beneficial in curing epilepsy in children and other related mental diseases. 

 Thus, keto diet is great in terms of weight loss, lowering blood triglycerides, reducing abdominal fat and curing body ailments such as diabetes, metabolism, blood sugar, mental health and cholesterol. 

Healthful benefits of Salt and Pepper:-

Iodized salt contains 39% Sodium, 60% Chloride ,up to 2% Ferrocyanide, Aluminum, Silicate and .01% of Iodide. Unrefined sea salt contains many minerals which are refined which iodized salt doesn’t contain. Usually salt is beneficial for stabilizing irregular heartbeats, regulation of blood pressure, it helps in extraction of excess acidity from the cells in the body, balances the sugar level in the blood and clears the mucus plugs and sticky phlegm.

Black pepper is a flowering vine cultivated from its fruit and used as a spice. It is mostly used in Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani medicines in India. Syriac book of medicines describes pepper with many health benefits such as constipation, diarrhea, earache, heart disease, insect bite, joint pain, liver problems, lung disease, toothache and tooth decay etc. It can also absorb selenium, vitamin B and beta-carotene as well as other nutrients required for proper functioning of the body. Together both salt and pepper are subtle components to other dominant flavors.

When we talk about diet conscious food or when we need to reduce body weight  how much intake of  salt and pepper we should consume is a back breaking task. So, before getting to know about whether salt and pepper are good for weight loss or not let us have a guide on each of them individually. 

PEPPER (Black Pepper)

Black Pepper comprises piperine which helps the human body to improve metabolic performance and reduces fat accumulation in the human body. If black pepper is added to daily diet tea, it helps in managing obesity. Black Pepper also helps in enhancing the immunity and absorption of nutrients in the human body. The outermost layer of black pepper contains phytonutrients that help in  breaking down the fat cell in the human body and further helps to increase metabolism for regular functioning. It also helps in digestion and stimulates the stomach, which secretes more hydrochloric acid that helps in proper digestion of proteins and minerals in food.

How black pepper should be consumed in order to control body weight?

1)      The black pepper best affects the human body when consumed directly. Not everyone can handle the hot and pungent flavors of pepper, if someone can do so then it’s the best thing to have 1-2 peppercorns every morning for a healthy metabolism of the human body. If the person has low tolerance for spicy things then the person can consume it in the form of black pepper oil.

2)      Black Pepper can also be consumed with tea (black pepper tea). Everyday intake of black pepper tea is one of the best ways to promote speedy weight loss. For tea one must add 1 teaspoon of freshly grinded black pepper. A person can also accelerate or enhance the effect on the body by adding other herbs to the tea such as Tulsi, Adrak and Methi Dana. 

3)      The people who don’t prefer tea can drink black pepper juice. It is equally good and the best alternative to aid weight loss instantly.

4)      A drop of 100 percent pure black pepper oil in the glass of plain water should be consumed before breakfast. In summers the black pepper formula can be applied to refreshing masala-mint lemonade which goes out of the way and helps in shedding extra pounds and also helps in building immunity.

Black pepper helps in reducing fatty acids, triglycerides, phospholipids and cholesterol in the plasma bad lipid profile. Not only it reduces the unnecessary content but also elevates the good cholesterol and stops forming the new fat cells in the human body.


Salt is something which we cannot eliminate from our regular diet plan. In fact one should never eliminate salt from the daily routine as it is needed for smooth functioning of our body cells.The point is the type of salt which we are consuming is actually benefiting us or not or is it just crystals of sodium chloride.Not every salt increases your blood pressure or leads to diabetes. There are various salts, based on their different nutritional levels, textures, flavors and properties.Let’s have an insight of each.  

Types of Salts 

1.       Rock Salt: – It is a form of salt water which is extracted from lakes and sea water when they get evaporated leaving sodium chloride behind.It is also known as Sendha namak.It not only contains sodium chloride but also contains minerals such as zinc, iron, cobalt, nickel, manganese and copper. It is the most unrefined form of salt which is produced without adding any artificial nutrients or external chemicals. It replenishes essential electrolytes in the body which helps the body to function well. It also makes the blood alkaline.

Benefits of Rock Salt: It helps in proper digestion of food, boosts metabolism and immunity with its high mineral content, it reactivates insulin in the body,improves muscle cramps,treats sore throats,  reduces swelling and promotes healthy hair, eyesight and skin.

Using rock salt instead of table salt leads to the deficiency of iodine which in turn affects the growth, development and metabolism of a body.Thus, one can  use rock salt by mixing it with table salt but should not be taken alone on a regular basis.  

2.       Table Salt: – It is extracted from underground salt deposits and is processed heavily by adding external chemicals such as bleaching agents which avoids clumping. This salt is not good for the body as all the minerals are washed away and it is rich in sodium content. Such salt causes dehydration, increases the chances of blood pressure and diabetes.

3.       Pink Salt: – It is also known as Himalayan salt and is extracted near the regions of Himalayas in Pakistan.It goes through the mineral processing where no chemicals are added. This salt has the highest mineral nutrients (84) which is very much essential for the functioning of a normal body.

Benefits of Pink Salt: This salt contains all the essential minerals such as calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, potassium. Apart from valuable minerals it also balances the body pH level and helps in regulation of blood sugar level. Pink salt is the perfect salt for cooking food.

4.       Sea Salt: It is the simplest form of obtaining salt i.c.e from evaporating sea water which requires minimal processing. As processing is less hence it retains all the minerals such as potassium, calcium and iron. 

Benefits of Sea Salt: It provides the body with most essential mineral potassium which helps in relaxing arteries, supplying trace materials, scrubbing body parts and balancing electrolytes.It is perfect for cooking non vegetarian dishes such as meat and fish. 

5.       Black Salt: Often misunderstood with rock salt. It is also known as Himalayan black salt which has a pungent smell due to its sulfur content. It is extracted from Himalayan salt beds or from lakes. Earlier this salt was consumed in an unprocessed way but nowadays it is processed by adding sodium chloride, sodium sulfate and sodium bisulfate.

Benefits of Black Salt: If the black salt is unrefined or unprocessed it helps relieve muscle cramps, improves acidity, helps reduce water retention; which is the actual cause of more body weight.

Hence based on various studies conducted on salt and weight loss we can conclude that though salt can help the human body in many other ways but it cannot help the human body in weight loss.

Intaking excessive salt in the diet leads to an increase in water weight around the stomach area. Foods having a high salt content tend to reduce thirst and increase hunger. It is better to have as much as least amount of salt as it is not going to help in reducing the weight. Having a lot of pepper reduces the fat accumulation in the body and manages obesity quite well. 

Finally, coming on to the conclusion of is Salt and Pepper Good for Weight Loss Diets Like Keto or not…

Pepper no doubt is good for weight loss just like keto but salt fails to come under the weight loss category. Thus, it is advised to sprinkle less of salt and more of pepper in your food. Always use Himalayan Salt  or a mix of table salt & rock salt in your diet. Include keto diet in your dietary plan for faster remedy of weight loss. 

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