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Keto Diet and Reduced Physical Performance

During the first few weeks of pursuing the keto diet, your physical performance can get acutely decreased. The two of the fundamental causes leading to the same are as follows:

Deficiency of Fluids and Salts

A reduced physical performance is the reason behind most of the problems that arise early. Drink up a large glass of water with probably half a teaspoon of salt 30-60 minutes before you exercise and experience the difference!

Adapting to Burning Fat Over Glucose

This particular cause takes time to fix. It fairly takes time for your body to deviate from burning glucose to burning fat for energy, even in the muscles. This period of transition ranges from a few weeks to months altogether. Therefore, the more you exercise, the smoother shall be this phase, while on a LCHF diet.

Intensifying Physical Performance on Keto Diet

Although the progression to keto diet is known to reduce early physical performance, it involves multiple advantages in the long run.

The benefits of this low carb diet have been essentially seen in sports, especially in long-distance running. Other events that require endurance also witness these perks. Once, an athlete has adapted to high fat intake, he can perform for long periods of time without relying on any source of external energy.

Therefore, keto diet is an advantageous affair to most of the people, especially those, associated with sports.

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