Keto Staples

On a keto diet? And miss Rotis, Paranthas, Dosas, Pancakes, Rice, and more? Well, Ketofy gets your cravings fed!

The ketogenic diet is restrictive and gets tougher for us, Indians.  We understand and are here to get things done right for you. 

We know that you have been searching the internet for Keto Atta or at least, low carb Atta, and no one is hearing you. Your search for everything low carb and keto-friendly ends here! Low Carb Atta, Low Carb Rice, Keto Atta, to name a few. The list doesn’t end here. Keto Atta for weight loss becomes a reality with us.

What if we tell you that we have Keto Atta and other keto cooking supplies at jaw dropping prices, and with different variants?

Ketofy introduces to you the best and largest keto foods pantry, keto flour and staples- the Keto flour, Keto Dosa Mix, Keto Noodles, Low Carb Atta, Keto Atta, Keto Pancake Mix, and what not!

Even Keto Atta from Ketofy comes in different ranges – Coconut Flour, Almond Flour, and more. The range of Keto Flour and Staples from Ketofy will help you stay in a Keto diet without having to sacrifice your desi cravings!

Don’t just wait and watch, check this out for yourself!

With these keto cooking supplies from the house of Ketofy, give your kitchen a keto look, with keto in every meal.

Showing all 11 results

Showing all 11 results

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