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Keto Uttapam

Craving for Uttapam but on a Keto Diet? Don’t worry, you can make Keto Uttapam and enjoy your favourite South Indian dish with this recipe.

Recipe Servings:  2                   Difficulty Level: Easy

Ingredients Required

1) Ketofy Dosa Mix

2) Water as required

3) 1 onion, chopped

4) 1 tomato, chopped

5) A bunch of finely chopped coriander

6) Green Chilli, chopped

7) Salt as required

8) 1 tbsp ghee

How to make Keto Uttapam

Step 1.  Mix Keto Dosa Mix as required and Water in a bowl and make a thick batter. Please note: Add water not too much just a little because you want the batter to be thick.

Step 2. Add chopped Onion, Chopped tomato, chopped green chilli, a bit of coriander and salt as required in the prepared batter.

Step 3. Mix them well.

Step 4. Rub a little ghee over a pan and pour one ladleful of uttapam batter into it. Smooth it clockwise till you get a round shape.

Step 5. Cook on low fire for two minutes till that side is golden brown. Now flip on to the other side and cook till done.

Step 6. Enjoy your Uttapam Keto style!

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