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Ketofy – Bullet Coffee Mix | Ultra Low Carb

  • Whey protein rich keto compliant beverage
  • Helps in weight management and muscle building
  • A great alternative to the regular coffee powder with added benefits
  • Ultra-low carbs, rich in healthy fats & MCT protein, gluten-free and more
  • Can be used as an ideal pre-workout drink

Ingredients: Instant Coffee, Whey Protein, MCT Powder

Net Carbs: 1.8g, Protein: 1.4g, Dietary Fibre: 0.2g, Healthy Fats: 0.9g

Ketofy – Bullet Coffee Mix | Ultra Low Carb

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Ketofy - Bullet Coffee Mix | Ultra Low Carb - 100g

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Ketofy - Bullet Coffee Mix | Ultra Low Carb - 200g

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  • Coffee for Contemporary Lifestyle: Ketofy Bullet Coffee Mix is a unique approach to instant coffee intake. It combines coffee with healthy, easily absorbable fats to ensure that you feel energetic as you go about performing your daily chores.
  • Nutritionally Dense Instant Coffee: With zero added sugar and a completely natural composition, this instant coffee premix is enriched with MCT powder. This makes the coffee rich in healthy fats besides being low in carbs.
  • A Workout Companion: Keto Coffee Powder also falls in the category of pre workout supplements for men and women. This is because it provides energy for intense workout sessions and may also contribute to better focus and alertness.
  • Completely Sugarfree: Ketofy Bullet Coffee Keto is ideal for individuals seeking a health-conscious lifestyle. With no added sugar, the energy drink for workout is gluten-free and contains no cholesterol, and can be consumed multiple times in a day for sustained stamina.
  • About Ketofy: Ketofy is a huge pantry of low-carb food products and beverages that help your body easily transport into ketosis. The entire pantry is designed to support the weight management process.
  • Ketofy products are compliant with the standards of wellness and sustainability set forth by the Wellversed Sustainable Supply Chain Framework (WSSCF).

About Ketofy

Ketofy is the world’s healthiest pantry of healthy ultra low carb food products that help to fix the root causes of the modern lifestyle health conditions.

The Ketofy Approach does not require people to change their existing dietary patterns and desires in order to conform to the low carb regime. The complete product offering allows people to keep eating what they enjoy the most and still reap numerous health benefits of a natural low carb paradigm. Ketofy Products are re-created in the desired form from natural superfood ingredients like nuts and seeds.

The word Ketofy has become synonymous with Healthy Low Carb food that helps people feel energetic from inside by fundamentally fixing their health parameters.  Ketofy Products help to fix the fundamental issues with the human body that have been caused by years of abuse due to modern lifestyle diet and habits. 

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