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Ketofy – Bullet Coffee Mix | Ultra Low Carb

  • Whey protein rich keto compliant beverage
  • Helps in weight management and muscle building
  • A great alternative to the regular coffee powder with added benefits
  • Ultra-low carbs, rich in healthy fats & MCT protein, gluten-free and more
  • Can be used as an ideal pre-workout drink

Ingredients: Instant Coffee, Whey Protein, MCT Powder

Net Carbs: 1.8g, Protein: 1.4g, Dietary Fibre: 0.2g, Healthy Fats: 0.9g

Ketofy – Bullet Coffee Mix | Ultra Low Carb

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Ketofy - Bullet Coffee Mix | Ultra Low Carb - 100g

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Ketofy - Bullet Coffee Mix | Ultra Low Carb - 200g

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  • COFFEE FOR MODERN LIFESTYLE: The Ketofy Bullet Coffee Mix has been designed as per the needs of the modern lifestyle and can be rightly called the Coffee for Modern Lifestyle. Whether you are looking forward to maximizing your healthspan with the Keto diet or you’re a gym freak, artist, night shift employee, athlete, this coffee mix is specially made for you and can keep you boosted for all your chores.
  • MCT AND PROTEIN RICH: The Ketofy Bullet Coffee Mix is highly rich in MCT. It is a whey protein enriched coffee providing a plethora of health benefits to the dieter. Ketofy coffee can also be consumed as a pre-workout drink as it boosts your senses due to its nutritional values. MCT helps in managing your weight, whey protein helps you build your muscles, both combined act as a fuel for the brain and keep it active.
  • IDEAL FOR DIETERS AND ATHLETES: Ketofy Bullet Coffee, as the name suggests is a highly Keto friendly drink as it is all natural mix and is one of our best quality products. It contains zero sugar, is absolutely low in carbohydrates, and rich in healthy fats and proteins. Moreover, it is gluten free as well. All these features make it the best Keto coffee ever
  • HOW TO CONSUME: The Ketofy Bullet Coffee can be prepared with mild and strong tastes. For a mild one, take 200ml of hot water in a cup and add 2 tablespoons of Ketofy Bullet Coffee Mix. Stir the mixture and enjoy your hot Keto Coffee. A strong Keto coffee would have 4 tablespoons of the coffee mix instead of 2 and the rest remains the same.
  • The Ketofy Bullet Coffee Mix is a great alternative to your regular coffee powder and its added benefits include its rich taste and nutritional value. It can be made instantly in both mild and strong ways and can be enjoyed anytime.

About Ketofy

Ketofy is the world’s healthiest pantry of healthy ultra low carb food products that help to fix the root causes of the modern lifestyle health conditions.

The Ketofy Approach does not require people to change their existing dietary patterns and desires in order to conform to the low carb regime. The complete product offering allows people to keep eating what they enjoy the most and still reap numerous health benefits of a natural low carb paradigm. Ketofy Products are re-created in the desired form from natural superfood ingredients like nuts and seeds.

The word Ketofy has become synonymous with Healthy Low Carb food that helps people feel energetic from inside by fundamentally fixing their health parameters.  Ketofy Products help to fix the fundamental issues with the human body that have been caused by years of abuse due to modern lifestyle diet and habits. 

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