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Ketofy – Keto Electrolytes | 0% Net Carbs

  • 0% NET CARBS
  • INGREDIENTS: Sodium Chloride, Magnesium Citrate, Calcium Citrate, Potassium Phosphate, MCT Powder, Stevia-97%, Orange Flavor & Orange Color, Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid)
    Manufactured in a facility that processes tree nuts, peanuts, berries and seeds.

Ketofy – Keto Electrolytes | 0% Net Carbs

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Ketofy - Keto Electrolytes | 0% Net Carbs - 200g

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Ketofy - Keto Electrolytes | 0% Net Carbs - 2x200g

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  • HYDRATION AND INSTANT ENERGY : Wellversed’s Keto Electrolyte powder is one of its kind’s instant recharge and energy drink which is all about keeping you effervescently hydrated and balanced for the day. It helps you replenish energy instantly and stay boosted while you train, run or travel. Wellversed’s Keto Electrolyte sugar free controls your fluid balance, regulates your blood pressure, helps your muscles contract and maintains the correct acidity of your blood with its right combination of electrolytes.
  • HOW TO USE KETO ELECTROLYTES : The Wellversed’s Keto Electrolyte is recommended in 3 scoops (5g) /day. Mix 1 scoop (present in the container) and mix electral powder without sugar, it in cold water for enjoying the refreshing taste of the electrolyte drink. You can consume keto products during prolonged or vigorous exercises, in hot and humid conditions or if you’re feeling low. The keto supplements has a Fresh and Natural Orange Flavour, giving you both taste and nutrition.
  • IDEAL FOR DIETERS AND ATHLETES : Wellversed’s Keto Electrolyte is specially designed for dieters and athletes. It is 100% vegan, so even if you’re on a vegan diet, this product is made for you. It is a non GMO drink avoiding any chances of harmful impacts. You need not worry about your carbs intake and blood sugar levels since this Ketofy electrolyte / Ketofy electrolytes powder sugar free is absolutely carb free and sugar free making it the most Keto friendly ever
  • WITH 6 VITAL ELECTROLYTES : With 40% of MCT and 0.8% of Vitamin C, this electrolyte comes nourished with the other 4 vital electrolytes which help you restore body fluids and the full spectrum of essential electrolytes lost due to dehydration.

About Ketofy

Ketofy is the world’s healthiest pantry of healthy ultra low carb food products that help to fix the root causes of the modern lifestyle health conditions.

The Ketofy Approach does not require people to change their existing dietary patterns and desires in order to conform to the low carb regime. The complete product offering allows people to keep eating what they enjoy the most and still reap numerous health benefits of a natural low-carb paradigm. Ketofy Products are re-created in the desired form from natural superfood ingredients like nuts and seeds.

The word Ketofy has become synonymous with Healthy Low Carb food that helps people feel energetic from the inside by fundamentally fixing their health parameters.  Ketofy Products help to fix the fundamental issues with the human body that have been caused by years of abuse due to modern lifestyle diet and habits. 

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