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Ketofy – Keto Protein | 4% Net Carbs

  • Largest Pantry of Keto Products
  • 100% Vegetarian
  • 100% NATURAL 
  • INGREDIENTS: Whey Protein, Cocoa, MCT Powder
    Manufactured in a facility that processes tree nuts, peanuts, berries and seeds

Ketofy – Keto Protein | 4% Net Carbs


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Ketofy - Keto Protein | 4% Net Carbs - 250g

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Ketofy - Keto Protein | 4% Net Carbs - 2x250g

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  • 19g PROTEIN PER SERVING: When your body is devoid of sufficient carbs to burn for energy, it starts burning fats and proteins, keto in supplements results in ketone formation and is used to draw energy for all the activities, this process is known as Ketosis. To power your keto-based diet, you get 1.8g of fats and 19g of proteins in every scoop intake of this best weight management supplement.
  • MCT ENRICHED PROTEIN: MCT or Medium Chain Triglycerides are metabolized and assimilated swiftly in your body, which is not the case with LCT or Long Chain Triglycerides. Instead, LCT is infamous for storing fat in your body if not wholly ingested. What’s more, slimming capsules for weight management likewise helps in giving a boost to the metabolism, thus helping you lead a healthy and energetic life.”
  • NO ADDED SUGAR & TASTY SHAKE: Ketofy Keto supplements Protein can be used to make various healthy delicacies ranging from Keto Shakes, Keto Smoothies and so forth. Just dissolve about 1-2 scoops per day in either milk or water and enjoy the chocolate flavor in your keto diet. Shakes with this protein won’t be merely mouth-watering, yet healthy.
  • HEALTH BENEFITS OF KETO PROTEIN: Ketofy Keto Protein is optimized to help you lead an effective keto-based dietary regimen. It’s curated, with Keto suitable fixings to help you get in shape while keeping up your vitality levels. This occurs through a biologically incited measure called Ketosis, wherein your body consumes fats as an essential energy source instead of carbs.

Ingredients & Nutrition Facts

  • Whey Protein, Cocoa, MCT Powder

About Ketofy

Ketofy is the world’s healthiest pantry of healthy ultra low carb food products that help to fix the root causes of the modern lifestyle health conditions.

The Ketofy Approach does not require people to change their existing dietary patterns and desires in order to conform to the low carb regime. The complete product offering allows people to keep eating what they enjoy the most and still reap numerous health benefits of a natural low carb paradigm. Ketofy Products are re-created in the desired form from natural superfood ingredients like nuts and seeds.

The word Ketofy has become synonymous with Healthy Low Carb food that helps people feel energetic from inside by fundamentally fixing their health parameters.  Ketofy Products help to fix the fundamental issues with the human body that have been caused by years of abuse due to modern lifestyle diet and habits. 

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