Start Your Keto Journey

STEP 1: Eliminate The Sugars

The first step in moving towards a low carb lifestyle is to eliminate sugars all together. Switch to healthier sugar alternatives from Ketofy that are low low in carbs and calories.

STEP 2: Switch To Healthier Snacks

Instead of going all out on eliminating everything from your diet, take small steps for long lasting results. Step two is to switch to healthier sugar-free snacks.

STEP 3: Start Gluten Free Cooking

Switch to flour and cooking supplies that are ultra low in carbs, extremely low in glycemic index and free from Gluten (Wheat Protein).

Confused What To Buy?

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STEP 4: Supplement Your Diet

Supplement your diet with healthy fats, protein, vitamins and minerals to ensure holistic nutrition intake while burning fat effectively.

STEP 5: Stay Clear Of The Sweet Tooth Addiction

Don’t let your cravings become a deterrent to you becoming lean and fit. In order to control your psychological urges and feel satisfied, you need guilt free satisfaction.

Still Confused?

Get a personalised consultation from a Ketofy certified expert and kick-start your Keto journey.

STEP 6: Ultra Low Carb Snacking

With time, you will start to crave for all the savoury snacks that you love so much. Don’t let the urge get in the way of your fitness goals.

STEP 7: On-The-Go Nutrition?

Dietary regimes tend to get screwed up the most when you are travelling or in transit. Grab Ketofy on-the-go nutrition option to remain in control.